PTFE Wires

PTFE Insulated ABC Wires

PTFE Wire is known for its non-flammable and weather-proof features. It has the ability to withstand a vast range of temperature from (-) 60º C to (+) 260 ºC. It is shielded properly, in order to ensure 100% security.

PTFE Insulated Striped Wire

PTFE Insulated Striped Wire is meant for the purpose of miniature cable applications, as it has better thermal & and electrical features. It is mostly perfect for internal wiring-soldering functions where insulation melt back is a precise setback.

PTFE Insulated SPC Stranded Wire

PTFE Insulated SPC Stranded Wire is carefully made in abidance with global quality principles. It is famous for its superb performance and long– lasting life.

PTFE Insulated Wire

PTFE Insulated Wire is actually a fluorocarbon polymer, which is known for various spectacular properties. These wires are fabricated using quality raw materials, which is completely perfect for the usage of dielectric. Above all, clients can avail them at the most competitive prices.