PTFE Cables

PTFE Cable (Item Code: PC-04)

It is available in various specification and forms, so as to meet the exact requirements of clients from worldwide. These are best in features and can withstand in harsh conditions.


Non-Flammability : The Insulation is fire proof that means it is non-flammable.


P.T.F.E. cables and wires are prepared with the help of stranded copper wires. It gives better flexibleness for easy use in the wiring.

Climate Resistance

There is not any changes shown by the insulation in its electrical, mechanical or chemical properties even after outdoor revelation for over 20 years. Also, it does not get affected by exposure to any ultraviolet rays.

Working Temperature

Its working temperature ranges from (-) 60° C to (+) 260° C.

Chemical Resistance

Insulation is neutral to almost all acknowledged chemicals, acids, and solids.

Electrical Stability

Electrical features of Insulation do not alter even after long-standing heat aging. Insulation has low dielectric fixed and dissipation aspect. It’s high dielectric strength and insulation resistance highlights minimum changes over all-encompassing temperature, frequency and voltage variations.

Space Saving

P.T.F.E. wires have less O.D. for the same current carrying capacity of PVC Insulated wires. As such, it accumulates space to help more number of insulated wires in the same channel. Besides, these wires have more special features that comprise resistant to fungus, non-toxic, resistant to impact, non-wet, tearing, abrasion, cold-flow, cut-through, etc.

PTFE Cable (Item Code: PC-03)

It is manufactured by using finest raw materials and checked carefully by our skilled professionals, according to meet the quality and durability of our products. Buyers can avail these cables at the most competitive prices.


  • High tensile strength
  • Good conductivity
  • Ability to withstand harsh conditions

PTFE Insulated Cable (Item Code: PC-01)

It is produced by using high grade staples in compliance with advanced industrial standards and norms. It is also available with us in different customized forms, so that it can attract the buyers of all across the globe.


  • Temperature resistance
  • Good capacitance
  • Excellent conductivity